Based in Birmingham, UK  

We are a home based 100% vegan baking business. We create an incredibly tasty selection of sweet treats, raw desserts and celebration cakes which are made from natural, unrefined ingredients. Not only do our products look great but they also taste amazing!

Everything is made with 100% natural ingredients!

All of our products are dairy free, egg free, gluten free, refined sugar free, cruelty free and guilt free!

We do deliveries or FREE collection - contact us for more details.

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Why you should choose us:

100% NATURAL / NO HIDDEN NASTIES - no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. It's all truly homemade and natural at Rawfully Good Cake. We even make our own food colouring out of vibrant, vitamin and mineral rich fruit and veg!

NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUS - we use ingredients that are as close to whole foods as possible, such as organic raw cane sugar and organic raw cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil to to give you amazing health benefits whilst treating yourself!

COMPLETELY GUILT FREE - you can even taste how wholesome our products are, we focus on making sure our sweet products are full of flavour without giving you that sickly sweet feeling. This is why our products are really satiating! Full of healthy sugars and healthy fats that actually fuel your body rather than making you feel guilty about having something so yummy. Plus no animals are harmed!

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